Young Explorers

Young Explorers

Explore English language learning through a fully immersive programme of lessons, workshops, and activities.

Embark on a thrilling journey, where education mixes with adventure for 8-12-year-olds seeking a unique and unforgettable experience! Each day unfolds as a captivating exploration into core subjects tailored for young learners, including English, Mathematics, Science, History, and Art and Design. Our innovative approach blends traditional learning with dynamic activities, creating an enriching environment for every child.

At a Glance





English Level

A2+ (Pre-intermediate and above)


2 Weeks

Academic Content

15+ Hours of lessons per week

Starting Dates

15th & 29nd July 2024

Course Structure

Our innovative Young Explorers programme is designed to mix lessons and activities as children explore key themes in a dynamic and engaging way to maximise their learning.  Each theme is explored in four stages: Discover, Develop, Dare, and Time to Shine.


Four Stages


A lesson introducing the core theme for the day and a knowledge base from which they will further explore the subject.


Apply newfound knowledge in engaging and collaborative ways in activities that not only reinforce learning but also encourage teamwork and creative expression


A surprise challenge on the theme that they have been exploring through the day

Time to Shine

The opportunity to showcase their new found knowledge and skills through interactive challenges.

A Typical Day

Explore what a theme day looks like at Camp Dragon

The day at our school begins with a lively gathering, embarking on an exciting journey with space-themed icebreakers and interactive games. We then venture outdoors for hands-on experiment sessions, where students in small groups investigate gravity principles through pendulum experiments and engage in a biodiversity scavenger hunt, exploring the essentials for life on other planets. This is followed by collaborative projects where students create paper rockets, delve into the principles of physics and aerodynamics, design experiments for the International Space Station, and contemplate the impacts of living in space. The afternoon brings a thrilling surprise with a space-themed adventure, filled with challenges and fun. The day concludes with a special event where students present their scientific experiments and discoveries, celebrating their teamwork and the successful completion of their Space Exploration Mission.

Embark on a thrilling  journey to explore the past, visiting some of history's most exciting periods. We begin by delving into the skills required by historians and archaeologists, questioning the importance of critical thinking and analyzing various historical sources. Our first destination is Ancient Egypt, where we decode hieroglyphs and create our own stories. As we travel through time, we arrive in the 12th century, coinciding with the establishment of Oxford University and the city's growth in significance. Here, we explore the reasons behind Oxford's rise and imagine life in medieval Oxford. The afternoon brings an unexpected twist with a surprise historical adventure, revealing some of Oxford's hidden secrets. Our day culminates with the 'Showtime!' event, where students proudly present their historical projects, including diary entries written as if they were historical residents of Oxford.

“A warm and welcoming environment for young learners”

The staff are not only highly skilled but also incredibly kind and nurturing, creating a warm and welcoming environment for young learners. 


Parent – Ukraine

Young Explorers

£3500 / 2 Weeks
  • Option 1 - Monday 15th July - Monday 29th July
  • Option 2 - Monday 29th July- Monday 12th August